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Varsity Junior Varsity Sophomore Freshman

Maverick Summer Basketball Schedule

Make sure you are in the gym shooting and working on your ball handling skills & if you can sign up for -- "OFF THE FIELD".

Click below for the printable Summer Schedule:

May 2016 Maverick Summer Basketball Schedule

June 2016 Maverick Summer Basketball Schedule


Below are some of the drills we have used to improve fundamental skills. Click to refresh your memory and use these drills all summer to improve your overall skills. If you combine these drills and your Off-The-Field training this summer you will improve your overall skills as a basketball player!!

Ball Handling/Shooting/Passing Drills -- click links below

Players -- here are a few videos showing the ball handling/shooting/passing drills we have used before. Make them a favorite on your computer so you can refer to them this summer.

4 CONE (FT Line)- Open Step Dribble

4 CONE (FT Line)- Cross Step Dribble

4 CONE (vertical) - Inside out/between legs/combo Dribble

5 CONE (perimeter) - Dribble pull-up/step-back/5 cone weave

Passing Drill #1 (off hand - pass catch/dribble/inside out)

Passing Drill #2 (off hand 2 ball - shoulder pass & move forward/backward)(through legs/pass)(figure 8 through legs/pass)